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Frequently Asked Questions

Moving Guardian’s Frequently Asked

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Frequently Asked Questions

Moving Guardian is America's most comprehensive and reliable resource for Moving Help, Information, and Moving Company Ratings. We have compiled a list of the most asked questions regarding our company so as to more clearly outline our principles and our mission.

If you are looking for frequently asked questions regarding moving and the moving industry in general, please visit our comprehensive Moving Help & Moving Guide sections.

  • What is

    faqs provides individuals and businesses with the most accurate moving help and information, user-verified moving company reviews, moving tips, tools and more. We are a private organization with the goal of helping the general public learn more about the industry so that they may have the safest, most efficient and most economical move, whether it be for a family, individual or business.

    We provide users:

    A Searchable Database of Auto Transport, Moving Company, and Storage Company Reviews
    • List of America’s Best Moving Companies, who are Moving Guardian Certified
    Moving Help,  Moving Tips & Information Provided by Moving & Relocation Experts
    • Free tools such as a Moving Calculator, Moving Checklist and Moving Planner
    • & Much More!

  • What is Moving Guardian’s Mission?

    Moving Guardian hopes to make the moving and relocation industry more transparent and accountable, bringing it more integrity, honesty and a higher standard of ethical behavior. By doing this, consumers and businesses benefit and moving companies promote better business practices.
  • What Makes Moving Guardian Different from Other Moving Resource Websites?


    Moving Guardian maintains a team of experts with years of experience in moving & relocation that are critical to providing the most accurate information on every aspect of the industry – from the basics and little-known details to hidden moving fees and common moving scams.

    Most importantly, Moving Guardian is NOT affiliated with any of the moving companies on our website, nor do we sell leads or act as brokers for any company. All of the information, moving reviews, tools and resources on our site are completely free and available to the general public.

  • How Can Moving Guardian Benefit Me?


    There are many ways that Moving Guardian can help you make your next move safe and cost-effective for your family or your business. Our free information and resources allow you the opportunity to educate yourself regarding every aspect of the industry so that you are prepared to move your family or business when the time comes.

    In addition, users can take advantage of our user-verified Moving Reviews and our list of America’s Best Moving companies so that they and the general public are aware of which companies are operating with a high standard of business.

    Our hope is that once consumers educate themselves regarding the industry, they will learn the best way to approach moving, thereby utilizing the best companies and creating an atmosphere where all moving companies operate with a high standard of business ethics.

  • Is Moving Guardian Affiliated with Any Moving Company or Moving Service?

    No. Moving Guardian is a private organization that has no finanancial stake in any moving company. We are also not affiliated with any moving company, and we do not sell leads or act as a broker to any outside company or agency. Our intent is solely to provide trusted company reviews, resource and tools for safe and economical moving to the general public.
  • faqs
    Moving Guardian retains a staff of experts with years of experience in the moving and relocation industry. Our moving and relocation experts are knowledgeable in all aspects of the industry, including lesser-researched topics such as Senior Moving, Student Moving, Military Moving, relocating for healthcare, International moving and Corporate Relocation. In addition, our experts are highly knowledgeable in moving essentials such as hidden fees, common scams and more.
  • How Can I List My Company on the Moving Reviews site?

    Interested companies can visit the Moving Company Registration page to list their company on Moving Guardian.
  • faqs
    Yes. Users may click on the ‘Resolve Outstanding Issues’ tab within the Moving Reviews site, which gives moving companies the opportunity to message the user and resolve any outstanding issues such as claims and misunderstandings through the user interface.
  • Can Moving Guardian Help Me If I Am The Victim of a Moving Scam?


    In most cases, if you post a moving review with the issue on our "Moving Reviews" website, the moving company will likely attempt to resolve any outstanding issues to maintain their company reputation. However, you can report the moving scam to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

    Also, we provide the contact information for every State attorney general’s office in the United States, to whom we suggest you contact if you are the victim of a moving scam.

  • Can Moving Guardian Help Me Avoid Moving Scams?

    The information and resources available for free on is designed to educate consumers on all aspects of the moving business, including Common Moving Scams. Our moving scams literature is a must-read for all people, especially first-time movers and those who may be suspect about their current movers.
  • Is My Information Shared with any Third Party or Moving Company?

    No. Moving Guardian will never share your information with any third-party organization or moving company without your expressed permission.
  • Does Moving Guardian Offer Discounts or Moving Coupons?

    Moving Guardian is not affiliated with any moving companies, thus does not offer any discounts or coupons for moving. However, we strongly encourage the companies listed on our Moving company Review website to offer coupons for services, especially those that benefit seniors, students and members of the armed forces. Companies periodically post announcement of these coupons and discounts on their Moving Review profiles.
  • How Can Moving Guardian Help Me With Corporate Relocation?

    Moving Guardian provides an easy, hassle-free Corporate Relocation Service for large businesses and corporations seeking the best and most experienced relocation companies. We collect three flat rate bids from Moving Guardian Certified Companies (rated ‘A’ or better with the Better Business Bureau) and match you with the best bidder. In addition, Our Corporate Relocation Service features iron-clad, Simple Language Moving Contracts, total fraud protection & guaranteed coverage against loss and damage.
  • Can Moving Guardian Help Me Find a Company for Piano Moving?

    Of course! Look for the Piano icon underneath each moving company in our Moving Reviews and America’s Best Movers pages. If you see it, it denotes the listed company specializes in piano moving.
  • Is Moving Guardian a Non-Profit Organization?

    Moving Guardian is not a not-for-profit organization, though we are privately funded with no vested interest in other companies and do not solicit outside funding.
  • How Does Moving Guardian Sustain Itself Monetarily?

    Moving Guardian is financed by minimal membership fees and by selling multiple products such as our iron-clad simple language contracts, moving labels and Corporate Relocation services.
  • Does Moving Guardian Sell Any Products or Services?

    Yes. As mentioned above, we offer simple language Moving & Relocation Contracts to better protect you by eliminating legalese and outlining the responsibilities of both parties in plain English. We also offer extra-large moving labels and highly visible 'Fragile' labels to better protect your items.
    Moving Guardian also offers a Corporate Relocation service.
  • What Are The Requirements to Meet Moving Guardian Certification for America’s Best Moving Companies?


    To be admitted to the America's Best Moving Companies directory, the moving company must:

    • Maintain an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau.
    • Have a solid reputation
    • Solid ethical baseline
    • Professionally trained employees
    • Maintain positive reviews and feedback on our moving review websites

  • Do Companies Pay to Be Listed on the America’s Best Moving Companies Directory?

    Though the advantages of becoming Moving Guardian certified are invaluable, we do charge a monthly fee to access the powerful features of our premium membership. These fees go toward marketing and advertising to sustain our organization and to promote these companies who choose to do business in an ethical fashion.
  • How Do Companies Get Listed on the Moving Guardian Moving Review site? How Much Does it Cost?


    Businesses can become listed on the Moving Guardian Review website by signing up for either a Basic or Premium membership. They can add themselves at no cost with a Basic membership.

    Premium memberships allow companies the ability to post coupons, offer inducements to coupons, resolve issues with consumers, flag reviews, expand their company profile, and many more useful features. Companies can acquire a premium membership for $29.99 a month.

  • Can I List a New Moving Company on the Moving Review Website?

    Yes, any user can add a moving company to the Moving Review site for free. We usually approve the listing in less than 24 hours.
  • How Do I Submit a Review of a Moving Company?


    To post a review, users must:

    • Register and login to the Moving Review website.
    • Find the company by name, location or telephone
    • Press ‘Add Review’

    If the moving company you are looking for is not found, you can submit your own for free.

  • How Do I Know That Each Review is From a Real Customer?

    Moving Guardian prides itself on providing transparent and authentic feedback of our listings. We have security measures in place to prevent fraud and to ensure authentic reviews made by real consumers, including IP and location tracking, Job Number identification and more.
  • Why Do I Need to Create a Profile to Submit a Review?

    Requiring that reviewers create a profile helps to prevent fraudulent reviews made by competitors or the companies themselves. We don’t believe it is possible to achieve our level of transparency without requiring this, as we want to give users the most accurate information that we possibly can so that both users seeking information and movie companies looking to protect their reputations.