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Hidden Moving Fees

  • Packing Charges are almost never disclosed in the initial quote. Moving companies may mention that they will pack a certain number of boxes for free, or will provide a packing charge sheet, but almost always hide extra cost such as crating fees, which can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars.
  • When packing fragile items – such as mirrors, statues, sculptures, wide-screen televisions, pool tables, pieces of art, etc. – custom crate packing is necessary. Consumers should be aware that movers often falsely claim that fragile items cannot be shipped without being crated based on liability purposes.
  • Do not wait until the day of the move to sign the moving contract. Before accepting a price quote, request a guarantee of no hidden costs and make sure that all costs are clearly listed, including crating fees, cost of packing materials, shuttle fees, stair charges, long carry charges, and fuel surcharges.
  • Moving companies will attempt to make modifications to the original contract on the day of the move. Be wary of any last minute paperwork. Below is a list of charges and fees that should be included on the original contract:

Hidden Fee’s

  • Company Shuttle Policy

    Long distance moves are made in 53-foot tractor-trailers. In the event that the client lives in a gated community, or in a remote area, where trailer access is limited or unavailable, the consumer may be liable for a shuttle fee. Movers assure consumers that this is rarely an issue in order to keep it out of the contract, but shuttle fees are very common and should be addressed up front.
  • Stair Carry Charges

    Usually the first flight or two of stair carry free, but movers may charge anywhere from $50-150 for every additional flight of stairs.
  • Fuel Surcharges

    Companies often address that issue of fuel surcharges on the day of the move. This fee varies by company and can add anywhere from 5% to 18% to the total moving cost.
  • Long Carry Charge Disclosure Policy

    Long carry charges are typically disclosed in the same contract as that which includes the mover’s shuttle fee. Every moving company has its own policy regarding long carry charges. If the client lives in an apartment complex, and the truck cannot park directly in front of the building, long carry charges are added. The first 100-150 feet are usually free, but movers will charge between $50-150 for every additional 100 feet.
  • Crating Charges

    Crating is improvised packing for the moving of fragile items, including pieces of art, wide screen TVs, pool tables, etc. Crating can cost you thousands of dollars.