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Moving Checklist

Eight Weeks To Moving Day

Decide whether you will do your own packing or not.
If you have children, arrange for their school records to be transferred.
Go through your items and decide what to keep and what you can get rid of.

Six Weeks to a Month To Moving Day

Begin using your perishable foods.
Begin a file with all your moving related material.
Notify the following, that you are moving and update your address:
  • Gas Provider
  • Home Help
  • Family
  • Water Service
  • Internet Provider
  • Attorney
  • Propane Provider
  • Cable TV Company
  • Your Bank
  • Electricity Company
  • Cell Phone Company
  • Telephone Company
BEGIN PACKING: Start with the things you use least -­‐ label clearly!
Contact your doctors/physicians arrange for transfer of medical records.
Notify the post office that you are moving and complete change of address form.
Use Moving Guardian's ”America’s Best Movers” database to find an ’A’ rated moving company with the Better Business Bureau in your local area.

Two Weeks To Moving Day

Remove any items stored in safe deposit boxes.
You should be at least 75% packed at this point.
Order large high visibility Moving Labels from Moving Guardian.
Make sure your boss is aware you need time off for your move.
Review your plans: Has anything changed? Notify the relevant people.
Begin preparing to move your pets; purchase a suitable travel cages etc.
Moving out of state? Plan to live your house plants to neighbors or friends.

One Week To Moving Day

Ensure you have enough prescription medications to last 1 month.
PACKING : Begin packing your traveling clothes. Fill a suitcase with everything you may need for the trip.

Two Days To Moving Day

Empty your fridge and defrost your freezer.
If you have hired packers, begin clearly labeling fragile items.
Doing Your Own Packing ? Aim to have everything done by today.
Begin going through all your cabinets, closets and storage area’s to ensure nothing is left behind.

Moving Day!

Do a final walk through you house:
  • Are all the lights off?
  • Are all the doors and windows locked?
  • Is the electricity off?
  • Surrender your house keys if necessary.
  • Is the gas turned off?
When the movers arrive, make sure you supervise closely.
Double check with the driver that they have the correct address.
Read through the Order Of Service and Bill of Lading thoroughly before you sign. Certain areas should only be signed upon completion of the move, so be careful!!

Delivery Day!

Supervise the unloading.
Ensure all utilities are turned on.
Get a receipt when, making payment.
Be at the house when the moving truck arrives.
Only sign the bill of lading, once the delivery is complete.
Check for damages. Damages & loss should be noted on all the inventory copies before signing.

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Users can now rate, research and register local moving companies free on our moving review website.