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Moving Labels

Moving Guardian’s moving labels help protect your valuables against loss and damage, and expedites the moving process by labeling where items need to be placed in your new location. Moving Guardian’s labels are large (2x4 inches), high visibility neon, and easy to spot.

Products List

Large Moving Labels / Kitchen

Make your move smoother with quality moving labels. These large labels ensure that your movers know exactly which room the box belongs in. Large bold letters spell out the room against a neon background for high visibility. Never lose a box again or wonder which box belongs where with these extra large moving labels.

Extra Large Moving Labels /Individual Package
MG's High Visibilty Label: Individual Package


Large Moving Labels: Glass Handle with Care

Moving day is usually hectic and fast paced but when a Handle With Care moving label is attached to a box, helpers will slow down and be more careful with your items. The labels are large and bright, making them highly visible. Adhere these labels to any boxes that you don’t want stacked where they might topple, tossed or shaken.

Large Moving Labels: Fragile X

Draw attention to your extra fragile items by labeling them with custom moving labels that are highly visible. These fragile labels are designed to catch the eye so they aren’t easily overlooked. Extra large and bright, using these labels on boxes that you want handled extra special means a better likelihood that your treasures make it from point a to point b unharmed.

Large Moving Labels: Fragile

Regardless of how careful you wrap and pack your items, you can’t be assured that your moving helpers will know to handle your fragile items with care. With extra large moving labels that scream FRAGILE against a bright red background, there will be no mistaking which boxes require extra care. Protect your belongings by sticking one of these custom labels on all of your fragile boxes.

Large Moving Labels: Storage

Who wants to pack items, move items to a new location, unpack these items, only to find that that particular box doesn’t even have to be unpacked? What a waste of time! Label your storage items with highly visible, bright, bold and large moving labels and take away one less hassle from your relocation day.

Large Moving Labels: Bedroom 4

Can you imagine moving in to your new home with a sea of boxes hastily labeled with a marker, or worse, not labeled at all? What a mess! With our highly visible moving labels, everyone will easily be able to tell which box belongs where, making not only the actual move easier, but ensuring that unpacking is a breeze.

Large Moving Labels: Bedroom 3

Moving takes well thought out plans to ensure a smooth transition and utilizing moving labels is just one essential part of a stress free move. Your boxes will all be individually labeled with large and bold room tags, making it easy for each box of your treasures to end up where it belongs. Easy to use and easy to see equals an easier move.

Large Moving Labels: Bedroom 2

Make your move a smooth move by labeling each of your carefully packed boxes with highly visible moving labels that tell everyone helping which box goes where. No opening box after box to find figure out which room it belongs to. Bright and colorful, these moving labels are not only time-savers, but they will ensure a less stressful move for all involved.

Large Moving Labels: Bedroom 1

Moving day can be stressful, especially when you have boxes all over the house and you can't find anything. With specially designed moving labels, you can erase the headache of not knowing where each box belongs. Our moving labels are extra large, bright neon colored and boldly display the room name. Toss your markers away and label your boxes the easy way!

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