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20 moving tips you need to know for your next move!

We here at can’t think of anyone that we know who has ever admitted to actually enjoying moving, but the following tips will at least help to make the experience a little easier.

1. Be prepared

Plan everything well ahead of your move date. Make sure your packing is complete at least a day or so before your actual move so that you can deal with any unforeseen problems that crop up over the last couple of days.

2. Only use the best movers

While using the cheapest mover is tempting, don’t do it! You will more than likely end up paying far more for your move than they estimate. (See our articles on moving scams ). Moving Guardian’s America’s Best Movers” database is a fantastic resource for identifying ‘A’ rated and above moving companies with the Better Business Bureau. All ratings can be viewed in real time on our website. Click here for more information.

3. Pack wisely

If you are packing your own boxes don’t over-pack to the point where they can’t be moved. Each box should be easy to pickup by a man of average strength. This will reduce the chance of injuries to your moving crew and lower the risk of boxes bursting during transit.

4. Color coordinate your move

Moving Guardian offers packs of colored high-visibility moving labels that you can use to color coordinate each of your rooms and help identify delicate items that need special care. They are available here.

5. Bag it!

If you have luggage, rather than having it just take up space in the moving truck, use it to pack your clothes instead of in boxes. The same goes for sports bags – just fill them up with whatever safely fits in them.

6. Judge a book by its cover

If you’re a bit of a bookworm then you will likely have a lot of books to move. Don’t be tempted to use large boxes that will prove easy to fill but hard to move. Instead, use smaller boxes that will limit the number of books you can pack and make it easier on your back when it comes time to move them.

7. Make it easy to move bigger furniture

Try and have bigger pieces of furniture, like beds or exercise equipment, already disassembled by the time the movers show up. Put any screws or bolts in a bag and tape it securely to the furniture, if possible.

8. Play it again, Sam

If you intend moving a piano you will need to let your moving company know well ahead of time. See our article on moving these delicate instruments, here.

9. Important documents

Keep all of your important documents with you not your mover. Keep your birth certificate, moving contracts, school records, certificates etc in a single envelope that is easily accessible.

10. Make it clear

Moving crews have a hard enough job as it is. So why not make your move as easy as possible for them. Keep all pathways clear of obstructions; be patient with them; point out items that need special attention and if you can, keep some refreshments on hand for them so they don’t become overtired.

11. Read the small print

Always, always, always read the small print of any contract you are about to sign with your moving company. Some of the more unscrupulous businesses will hide charges there. Have the company explain exactly what those charges are for before you sign on the dotted line.

12. Peak and off-peak moving times

Want to save some money? Try scheduling your move during the “off peak” season. The “peak” season for moving companies is during the summer, so anytime outside of that could mean considerable savings and a better chance to book the dates you want.

13. Will it fit?

You’d be surprised at how many people get to their new home and their furniture doesn’t fit. Think about the layout of your new home and create a floor plan before you move.

14. Getting to know your new home

Spend a couple of days in the area you are going to move to. This will help you familiarize yourself with all of the key locations that you might need after you’ve moved in.

15. Time for bed

Your new house is likely to be a bit of a mess for a couple of days, so make sure you have all of your bedding in one clearly labeled box that will be easy to find on the day you move in.

16. Have a go-bag ready

Make sure you have a go-bag of every-day items like toilet-paper, coffee or tea, soap, flashlights, screwdrivers, cups etc, that you can use rather than having to search through umpteen boxes.

17. Got pets?

Learn how to make sure Fido has a stress-free move by reading our article on moving your pets, here.

18. Aim for the middle

The busiest moving times for moving are usually around the end or the beginning of the month as leases and rental contracts expire. Try and schedule your move outside of these times to guarantee a smoother relocation experience.

19. Feeling a little boxed in?

All those empty boxes can quickly start taking up room as you begin unpacking, so designate an area where you can store them until you can get rid of them. Speaking of which, don’t throw your old boxes away, assuming you have room for a while to store them, why not sell them on Craigslist and make a little money?

20. Share your thoughts

When your move is done, come back to and let us know exactly what your experience was like. You can share your thoughts with other members of our community on our Moving Review feature.

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