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Auto Transport

Next to your family and your home, your next most valuable possession is most likely going to be your car or your truck. Moving it across country might seem like a simple process but it can actually be fraught with problems that, if you are not aware of them, can cost you big.

Much like most things in life, you get what you pay for. And that statement is no truer than when you start searching for someone reliable to move your vehicle. A quick web search for local auto-transporters will probably pull up quite a few hits and when you contact these providers, you’ll likely get just as diverse a set of results that will range from unbelievably cheap to a closely grouped set of similar values.

Of course, everyone likes a bargain, but the chances are that those to-good-to-be-true quotes that are so much lower than the rest are just that: too good to be true, and are being used to lure unsuspecting victims into parting with far more money than they had planned for or could afford.

If you call one of these enticingly cheap companies, they’ll likely be very good at convincing you that they can transport your vehicle at the price they quoted you and get you to put down a hefty deposit with your credit card. But once they have your money fantasy quickly parts way with reality.

Auto Transporters make their money by pairing transport drivers with your vehicle and THEN charging you once the car is delivered. However, the discount transporter, now they have your money and your credit-card, can effectively hold you hostage until they decide they want your vehicle moved and can quickly tack-on extra hidden charges that they failed to mention when you first talked with them. And the chances are that if you decide you want to cancel your order they will keep your deposit.

Professional auto-transporters, on the other hand, will (in most cases) not charge your credit card until your vehicle has been safely transported to its new location. Also, you should take the time to see if the carriers are covered by primary insurance so that, in the event of any damage to your vehicle during the move, you can claim against their insurance rather having to claim against your auto insurance.

So, take the time to do your research and check out all of the businesses that you are interested in, give them a call and remember, a legitimate company is not going to mind you calling and asking questions and they certainly won’t try to get you to part with any of your hard earned cash before they move your vehicle. Always look for door-to-door service as a lot of the cheaper companies will unload your vehicle at an intermediate terminal, potentially several times during the trip, which greatly increases the possibility of your vehicle being damaged.

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