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Furniture Moving

Sometimes, all you need to move is a single piece of furniture, but due to its size, weight or lack of a suitably sized vehicle, you just can’t manage to make the move on your own.

That’s where furniture movers come in.

These companies specialize in short or long distance, low item quantity moves (usually a maximum of three or four items) of the kind of objects that can often cause home owners problems when they need to move it from one place to another.

The moving crews employed by these specialist companies are specifically trained to deal with cumbersome,
awkward or extremely heavy items. Legitimate furniture moving companies (such as those found in our “America’Favorite Movers” database), will have access to the proper tools, packing materials and transportation that will be required to safely move your item.

These crews are the best choice when you need to move items like bedroom, living room or dining room furniture, TV’s, refrigerators or even delicate items that need specific packing and careful transportation, like antiques or artwork.

Remember, when the crew arrives to begin packing your item, stick around and supervise. Only you know exactly how much that item means to you, so don’t worry about giving the moving crew pointers when they are packing. You might also want to consider taking some photos of the item before it is shipped, just in case there is damage to it during the move.

Don’t be afraid about calling up any furniture moving company and questioning them over their experience,
insurances and level of training before you decide to use them. A legitimate company will have no problem answering your questions.

As with every move, it’s important to always do your homework before you settle on a furniture moving company, so make sure you read all our articles on how not to be taken advantage of by some of the more unscrupulous companies out there. Check out our Moving Reviews section here to read the experience other Moving Guardian visitors may have had with the company you intend to use.

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