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Why you should only hire licensed professional moving services!

Moving is stressful, we all know that. It’s also expensive. So, in these rough economic times, the temptation to cut a corner here and there is very tempting, but it can also prove to be extremely costly.

Caveat Emptor … let the buyer beware.

The introduction of free classified-ad websites like Craigslist has made easy for the unlicensed and the unscrupulous to advertise their services to unsuspecting people. But the chances are that anyone who you hire from one of these sites or newspaper classifieds is acting in an unlicensed contractor capacity.

All states require that any company presenting themselves as a moving company must obtain a state issued license (this is a special license over and above the usual state and local business licensing requirements). These licenses allow state officials to monitor the activity of these companies but it also comes with some strict requirements for operating their moving businesses and ensuring that they maintain adequate insurances to cover both their operation and to protect you, the consumer.

Choosing to save a few dollars by using an unlicensed contractor can really come back to bite the unwary. Besides the obvious problem that you are employing someone who is breaking state law, these people will rarely be experienced in the correct way to pack and move your belongings. Worse than that: in all likelihood, they will not carry any kind of insurance, so neither you nor your goods are protected in the event that your goods are damaged or lost. In some extreme cases, customers have had their belongings held hostage and been forced to pay huge sums of money by the so-called movers before they can get them back.

What can you do to protect yourself?

Educating yourself is the best form of defense against running into these kinds of problems. It’s why exists, so take advantage of the tools we provide you and do your research before choosing a moving company. All of the companies listed under our Americas Best Movers section are A- rated or better with the Better Business Bureau. And don’t forget to use our handy mover locater to locate a business near you. Just enter your zip code and search radius and we’ll pull up every reputable moving company within that area. arming you with knowledge

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