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Pet Moving

Keeping Fido and his furry (and feathered) cousins safe when you move.

Imagine being pulled from your cozy home and deposited into a strange environment where nothing looks or smells familiar. Sounds pretty stressful, doesn’t it? This scenario is exactly what your pets will go through when you move home.
So, to help reduce the anxiety your critters are likely to feel when you move, has come up with the following pointers to help ensure that your pets’ transition from their old home to their new one is as stress free as you can possibly make it.

Before you move

The first thing you should check is that all of your animals are current on their required vaccinations. Visit your veterinarian and get a copy of all of their certificates and medical history. Put them in a folder you can easily lay your hands on. If you’re moving out of state, you will need to check the inoculation requirements for animals within your new state. Some states have much stricter requirements than others, so give a Veterinarian in the area you are moving a call and explain that you will be moving to the area, they’ll be more than happy to explain any requirements to you. If your pet has an embedded ID chip, remember to update the information with your new contact info.
Don’t forget to ask about any licensing requirements or quarantine conditions that might affect your animals.
As you get closer to the day of the move, make sure that your pet is wearing ID tags with your cell phone number and new address, just in case they manage to get lost during the move.

The day of the move

Your animals are probably going to be very nervous by this point. Their world is being taken apart around them and all of their favorite spots (like that favorite sofa you keep telling them to get off of) are being disassembled or boxed up. Make sure you give your pets a safe haven, a spot in a room where they can feel safe, whether it’s a corner with their favorite cushion or blanket or providing them with something familiar to help keep them calm. If you are transporting your animals yourself make sure you have carriers that are large enough for your pets to move comfortably in. Put something familiar in the cage with them like their favorite toy or their blanket; it’ll help them feel less anxious if they have some of the familiar smells of home.

You’ll need to stop every few hours or so to give your larger critters some fresh air and let them stretch their legs, so make sure you factor this into your journey. It’s very easy to forget that your pets are wearing a permanent fur-coat that they can’t simply slip off, so make sure you take this into account when you turn the heater on in your vehicle.

If it’s going to take a couple of days for you to make the journey look for pet-friendly hotels that will allow Fido to stay in a room with you. Don’t forget to pack a pet-bag that contains enough food and water for your four-legged friends for the duration of the trip and a couple of days past the trips conclusion. Keep a good supply of plastic bags, paper towels and scoopers on hand for any “accidents” that might occur while travelling.

We made it!!!

When you reach your new home, select a room for your pets. Make it as comfortable as possible for them by placing as many recognizable objects in it as possible. Put their beds and blankets in there with them and give them a good supply of water and food. Spend some time to calm them down and allow them time to acquaint themselves with the layout of the house before you let them into the backyard, it’s going to take them a while before they recognize the new location as their home, so exercise caution before leaving them unsupervised for any length of time. Finally, expect your animals to be a little reclusive (especially your cats) for a while. Just be patient and treat them with the same love and devotion they are used to and it won’t be long before they realize that your new house is their new home, too.

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