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Piano Moving: Why some companies move to a different tune

You wouldn’t trust your prized sports car to just any mechanic, so why would you trust the transportation and relocation of your piano to just any old moving company?

Moving these delicate, expensive and often highly cherished musical instruments requires specific training, packing and transportation techniques to ensure that your piano arrives at its destination in exactly the same condition it left. Of course, moving any piece of furniture can offer its challenges but with some of the larger pianos weighing upwards of 1,200 pounds, selecting a moving company with properly trained staff is the only way to truly be able to mitigate those hazards and reduce them down to virtually zero.

So, whether it’s a Petite Baby Grand you need offloaded or a Concert Grand that has to be transported to the other side of the country, choosing the right mover is imperative if you want to ensure that the only thing you need to worry about when your precious cargo reaches its destination is a quick retuning.

To help our visitors locate exactly the right moving company for their particular job, offers several tools that will allow you to quickly locate and identify the right moving company for your move. The America’s Best Movers search page provides you with the chance to locate moving companies rated ‘A’ or better with the Better Business Bureau. This phenomenal tool will allow you to enter your zip code and search within a user defined area for movers. Each return listed will also display whether that mover is qualified and trained to pack and relocate pianos – just look for the piano icon next to their telephone number. arming you with knowledge

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