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Senior Moving

Moving can be a stressful experience no matter your age, but, as we grow older the anxiety and confusion of moving to a new home can be especially anxious, particularly when leaving a home which has been occupied for many decades. Whether you are the person who is moving or you are their child or guardian, it’s important to keep several things in mind when researching moving companies.

Whether you are moving to a new home or a facility such as a retirement community or assisted living, always try to choose a company which advertises that it specifically caters to seniors’ special moving requirements and needs.

A relocation company which specializes in assisting seniors move will offer many options which are aimed at reducing the stress of the move and will allow you to pick and choose those services which are specific to your needs.

Some of the services suitable companies will offer may include some, or all of the following: planning and coordinating the move; arranging for service disconnection at the old home and reconnecting at the new residence; helping you plan the layout of each room at your new location before the move; arranging for a yard or estate sale of any items you no longer need; arranging storage of items; packing and unpacking of your belongings (including the supply of packing material if necessary); cleaning the old home once you leave and ensuring your new property is cleaned once you are moved in; helping you shop for any new items you may need; carrying out any minor repairs which may be needed at either of the residences.

And remember, if you can’t find a moving company with suitable experience of moving seniors, it doesn’t hurt to specifically request the services you need from the moving company before you commit to hiring them. Most reputable moving companies will have no problem accommodating your special needs as long as they are made aware of them before the move takes place. offers several tools and articles to help you find the right mover and avoid the bad ones. Try our free “America’s Best Movers” search tool to track down a moving company in your area that is rated ‘A’ or better with the Better Business Bureau or use or handy moving planner to prepare everything you will need for your move.

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