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Moving Tips | Moving Help & Advice

  • Moving Tip #1 Always try to negotiate a flat-rate relocation. If you receive a flat-rate relocation estimate from a moving company, be sure to ask and receive a written guarantee of no additional costs or surcharges.

  • Moving Tip #2 Research every moving company you may consider hiring. On the “Moving Review” section of the Moving Guardian website we research moving companies for you, and publicly disclose our findings. The moving review feature allows you to see whether moving companies are listed with the better business bureau, their real time rating and other important information.

  • Moving Tip #3 Be aware that companies in poor standing with the BBB often boast of excellent ratings with the organization. Always verify whether claims, references, and information a moving company tells you are accurate. Many moving companies will tell anything you want to hear to secure your business.

  • Moving Tip #4 Looking for the highest rated moving companies with the better business bureau in your area? Only moving companies with an A rating with the better business bureau are listed in our “Americas Best Movers” directory. Moving Guardian’s America’s Best Movers meet the highest criteria’s in terms of integrity, service, and professionalism.

  • Moving Tip #5 If you’ve agreed to pay a moving company on a weight basis, you should pay careful attention to the following.

  • Moving Tip #6 Attain a written agreement that no hidden fees will we applied, including crating charges for improvised packing of delicate and valuable items. Additional information related to this topic can be found on our hidden moving fees page of our website.

  • Moving Tip #7 Only use a moving company that will charge you a flat-rate relocation or on a weight basis method. Insist on a written agreement between you and the moving company of no added charges. Remember, before you ask for an in home estimate, review all the moving company charge disclosure policies mentioned above. Hidden charges can amount to thousands of dollars is you’re not careful.

  • Moving Tip #8 DO NOT hire moving companies that offer relocation pricing based on cubic footage. Moving companies that charge by cubic foot are usually rogue movers!

  • Moving Tip #9 The cheapest moving companies are not always the best moving companies to hire. Moving companies that are slightly more expensive are usually more honest and up-front about disclosing their fees. Our suggestion is to get three quotes and stick with the middle option. Do not settle on a moving company that you are unsure about.

  • Moving Tip #10 Things to take into account when Packing: Moving companies are only responsible for boxes they pack. All items marked “ PBO” (Packed by Owner) on your relocation inventory list are not subjugated to compensation in the event of damage, loss or breakage. Again, all damage, loss or breakage of items labeled PBO is not covered by the federally mandated minimum insurance act.

  • Moving Tip #11 Make sure your moving company does the packing and specify that they did so on the inventory listing. Do not sign your relocation inventory sheet, before verifying that all the information is accurate.

  • Moving Tip #12 When your moving company is packing your valuables, be sure to review and consider purchasing one of our customized high visibility moving labels to help with organizing and directing items to their proper location at your point of destination.

  • Moving Tip #13 Before you start packing, designate an area for your valuables and irreplaceable items, which you should personally transport, such as photo albums and paperwork containing personal information. You can never be too cautious of the un-expected happening.

  • Moving Tip #14 Moving companies who are not packing your goods, but ONLY transporting your valuables may tack on extra charges for taking down blinds, draperies, mirrors and other items attached to walls, or for rolling up carpets that are tacked to the floor. If you’re doing your own packing, be aware that by law, a moving company is not responsible or liable for damage or breakage of items packed by its owner.

  • Moving Tip #15 Moving companies tend to be very quick and efficient when doing an initial pick up, so stay on your toes and tell them to make sure not to list damaged items on the relocation inventory form before they notify you. You should prepare your own list of scratched and damaged items before the movers arrived. If a moving company lists items on the relocation inventory as damaged during your relocation pickup, there’s a good chance you won’t receive compensation if damage or breakage occurs.

  • Moving Tip #16 Moving Guardian has developed simple language relocation contracts for local, interstate and international relocations. The simple language moving contracts are simple to use, offer solid protection, and guarantee liability and payment in the event of loss or damage. Our simple language contracts were written by moving experts and attorneys familiar with existing federal and state relocation laws.

  • Moving Tip #17 If you are using a standardized moving company contract, and are victim too damage or loss, you are only entitled to the minimum Federal standard liability compensation of $.60 per pound per item on interstate relocations. Minimum insurance coverage on local relocations is $ .30 per pound per item.

  • Moving Tip #18 If you do not plan on using Moving Guardian’s simple language contracts, consider purchasing insurance from established companies like or

  • Moving Tip #19 Take the initiative and compile a list of all your valuable items and assess its monetary value. An easy way to accomplish this task is using our free moving calculator, which creates an inventory of all your household items. Once you’ve calculated all your household goods, print the inventory and input the monetary value alongside each of the items you’d like to insure.

  • Moving Tip #20 Photograph all valuable items and furniture prior to having them wrapped and handled by a moving company.

  • Moving Tip #21 Inform your moving company of specialty items needing custom packing including pool tables, pianos, grandfather clocks and motorcycles. At Moving Guardian’s America’s Best Movers Directory, we list the highest rated moving companies as well as their specialties because not all general moving companies know how to custom-handle large or complicated fragile items.

  • Moving Tip #22 Before you sign any paperwork regarding your relocation, be sure everything is agreed-upon by you and the moving company, and that every precaution is taken to protect your valuable goods and hard earned money. Review your relocation contract thoroughly.

  • Moving Tip #23 Before your sign your relocation contract, make sure the following information is on the Bill of Lading: moving company name, address, phone number, dot license number, and an address and phone number where you can be reached.

  • Moving Tip #24 On completion of delivery, write down any lost or damaged items on the Bill of Lading before you sign off on the delivery. Loss and damaged items should be reported to your moving company as soon as possible. If you suspect valuables have been stolen, you should report it to the police immediately.

  • Moving Tip #25 Moving companies tend to be very quick and efficient when doing an initial pick up, so stay on your toes and tell them to make sure not to list damaged items on the relocation inventory form before they notify you. You should prepare your own list of scratched and damaged items before the movers arrived. The lists should mirror each other before the packing starts. If a moving company lists items on the inventory as damaged during pickup, there’s a good chance you won’t receive compensation if breakage occurs.

  • Moving Tip #26 At both points of your relocation process (pickup and delivery), always be on hand to keep a watchful eye on how the move is progressing. You want to make sure you’re moving company is not using excessive packing materials, which can significantly increase the cost of your relocation.

  • Moving Tip #27 Also be sure to give your movers the space to do their job; they are the professionals. It is always a good idea to be courteous to your movers. Treat your movers respect and let them know is they perform nicely for you, you will return the favor. A nice respectable tip is $ 20 – 30 a person, depending on how complexity of the relocation.

  • Moving Tip #28 Be sure to rate your moving company and relocation experience on the moving review feature of our website, so that other visitors can benefit from your experience.