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MG Premium Business Members

If You’re Preparing for a Move, Hire The Best…

MG’s Premium Business Members represent a special breed of top quality businesses (the best are always MG Certified!) within the Moving Guardian business community. What makes a Premium Business so special?
Moving Guardian Premium Businesses are not only committed to providing honest, transparent and top-notch professional service, they also provide an enhanced customer experience, offering special discounts and coupons for seniors, students and members of the armed forces.
Many of these businesses offer “General Discounts” as well, which can amount to savings of hundred of dollars, if not more! But this is just the beginning of what makes Moving Guardian Premium Businesses your best bet.

MG’s Premium Business Members Value Your Business!

America’s savviest consumers choose MG’s Premium Business Members because these are the companies that value their business. And they demonstrate it daily, with highest level of customer service, professionalism and value.
Premium Business Members know that it’s you, the customer; they ultimately have to answer to. And that it’s you who will be posting feedback, ratings, and reviews on the quality of their business. You can be sure that they want to maintain their excellent ratings! Premium Business Members are also committed to resolving customer-related issues in a timely and sensitive manner.

Moving Guardian Premium Business Members:

  • Represent the Best and Most Reputable in the industry
  • Prize Honesty and Transparency
  • Consistently Exceed your Expectations
  • Provide Great Value & Top Notch Professional Service
  • Prioritize the Customer Relationship
  • Commit to Resolving Disputes in a Sensitive & Timely Manner
  • Save You Money with Significant Discounts, Coupons and Promotions
  • Value & Appreciate Your Business

The Advantages & Perks Of Hiring Premium Business Members

For a business, the advantages of Premium Business Membership are immediately clear. They receive countless of special benefits and perks, like increased visibility, higher rankings with partnered industry websites, enhanced communication with the web community and the opportunity to extend money-saving promotions to their customers. But what are the advantages of hiring a Premium Business for you, the consumer?
Put simply, Premium Business Members represent the companies that appreciate and value your business. Their Premium Membership shows an unparalleled commitment to honesty, professionalism, value, and customer service. And because Moving Guardian wants you to have access to the best in the moving industry, we ensure that these businesses get the attention they deserve.

When You Hire A Premium Business, You Hire Excellence

Our Premium Business Members are champions of ethical business practices—standing for integrity and best practices within the industry—and they have the excellent ratings to prove it. No more worrying about getting scammed.
Hiring a Premium Business means increased confidence, and the knowledge that you’re working with a business you can trust and rely upon. You also reward the businesses that truly value your business, and provide an important incentive for companies to keep striving higher in service and quality.

Expanded Business Profile Provides More In-Depth Insight For Consumers

Businesses holding a Premium Membership with Moving Guardian enjoy an expanded profile, allowing them to provide you with the in-depth company information that allows you to make an informed decision. You can read about the unique offerings of our Premium Business Members to make sure you find the company that’s right for you and your move.

Experience Enhanced Communication With The Business You Hire

Moving Guardian Premium Business Members also have the ability to communicate with the web-based community in ways Standard Business Members cannot. This means the chance to respond to ratings and reviews, and offer important feedback.

Special Coupons, Discounts and Promotions For Consumers!

This benefit hardly needs to be explained! Premium Members have the ability and privilege of offering money-saving discounts, coupons and promotions to you, the Moving Guardian community—with special discounts for students, seniors and members of the armed forces.
Going with a Premium Business means premium savings! These valuable discounts and promotions can be applied to your next move, saving you hundreds, even thousands, on your moving costs.

When You Hire A Moving Guardian Premium Business You…

  • Save Money with Special Discounts & Offers.
  • Reward the Companies that Value Your Business.
  • Help Great Companies Continue Doing Great Business.
  • Reward Companies That Work Hard For Excellent Feedback & Ratings.
  • Provide an Incentive For Companies To Keep Offering Great Value & Service.
  • Have the Peace of Mind that you’re Hiring a Business you can Trust and Rely On.

When Preparing to Move, Don’t Settle for Anything Less than a Moving Guardian Premium Business Member!

When Searching Through Business Listings, Look for the Premium Member Icon—
The Symbol That Distinguishes Great Businesses from the Competition.