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Welcome To The Moving Guardian Community
Your Trusted Resource in The Moving Industry

Moving Guardian exists to serve the community and that community is you! It is why we offer free registration for consumers. Membership is easy, simple and the benefits only multiply—Moving Guardian registered members not only save time and avoid scams, they save up to 50% on their moving costs!
Who has the time for researching every company or service provider you’ll need for your move? From the realtor, to the general contractor, the moving company, the storage facility and the auto transport company, you’re barraged with thousands of companies promising anything to secure your business. But how do you really know whom to trust?
This is where Moving Guardian comes in. When you visit the Exclusive Directories of Moving Guardian Certified Businesses, and view the profiles of these top rated businesses on MG’s Business Listing & Review Site, you’ve found the companies you can trust. These are the best in the business—those who have passed our rigorous evaluation process and who hold an A-rating with the Better Business Bureau, and
MG’s tough and rigorous investigators do their research, and the web-based community provides the insider scoop—honest reviews and testimonials from the people who have hired these companies. No endless searching for the right companies—you have the word-of-mouth referrals to help you pick the best.
Moving Guardian also takes the next step in consumer protection by helping consumers resolve outstanding disputes or customer service issues directly with businesses. When there are issues to resolve with the companies on our Business Listing & Review site, Moving Guardian is in your corner.
As your trusted resource in the moving process, Moving Guardian helps you to navigate the hundreds, if not thousands, of companies competing for your business. With the Moving Guardian Certification Program and our Business Listing & Review Site, plus the testimonials of our web-based community, you gain the information you shouldn’t be without when making such an important choice.

Free Registration Unlocks the Secrets to the Best Service Providers in the Business.
Sign up Today & Save Hundreds of Dollars on Your Next Move!

Moving Guardian is committed to every member of the web based community—raising the level of integrity and quality service in the moving industry and providing a forum for Americans, like you, to share their experiences, ratings and reviews with other people anticipating a move or relocation. Folks planning a move need your valuable input and reviews!

Here are just a few of the benefits of joining the MG community:

  • Membership is FREE! Moving Guardian never charges the consumer for the use of our online resources. All resources, access to listings and customer reviews are completely free.
  • Take advantage of special discount coupons and offers from our trusted moving service related business partners listed on our Business Listing & Review Site.
  • Avoid common moving scams and hidden fees. It would be impossible to navigate the market of shady, disreputable companies alone—Moving Guardian keeps you and your family safe by pointing you to the companies you can trust.
  • You can help promote the best in the business and protect other consumers by providing your own ratings, reviews and testimonials.
  • Save yourself hours of research! Go directly to our user-verified Business Listings, Ratings & Reviews, and our Exclusive Directory of Moving Guardian Certified Businesses to find the companies operating with the highest standard of ethical business practice. Just look for the companies with the MG Certified Business Badge.
  • Get help resolving disputes quickly and efficiently. Moving Guardian Certified businesses, and Premium Business Members are committed to seeing complaints and disputes resolved quickly and efficiently.
  • Utilize tons of free resources and planning guides to help you prepare for your move or relocation step by step.
Moving Guardian saves you money! You learn how to move like a pro, saving stress and headache by only hiring upstanding companies. You will also learn the insider scoop that make you wise to avoid moving scams and hidden fees.
Moving Guardian’s mission is two-fold: to protect businesses and consumers against unscrupulous companies, while providing tips and resources to help you avoid headache, hassle, while saving you up to 50% on your moving or relocation cost.
Moving Guardian also works to ensure that companies and service providers that are committed to doing business the old-fashioned way, with integrity, honesty and professionalism, rise to the top and get the business they deserve.
That said, Moving Guardian is not affiliated with any particular moving company. We function, as an unbiased third-party comprised of the finest moving industry experts—those who know what separates the best from the rest. Each company is subject to the same rigorous evaluation process and expected to present the same credentials such as a stellar track record and an A-rating with the Better Business Bureau.
Sign up today to become a valued member of the Moving Guardian Community. Individuals, families and businesses rely upon your honest experience, feedback and testimonials as they choose moving companies and other related services.
And your reviews are valuable! You help guarantee that the best businesses get great reviews, while ensuring that people like you have the information they need to make an informed decision for their next move.
Set up your free profile todayand begin taking advantage of all the great benefits Moving Guardian has to offer. Research businesses on the Moving Guardian website or post your own feedback, ratings & reviews. Posting reviews is simple—just follow these steps:
  • Register and login to MG’s Business Listing, Ratings & Review Site.
  • Find A Business by name, location or telephone number.
  • Press ‘Add Review’
  • Post your comments reviewing the moving company or service you have used.
Whether you have moved and have a story to share, or are getting ready to move and looking for insider advice, the Moving Guardian community is the place for you. All we ask is that you create a real profile, so that we can continue to ensure that the reviews posted to our site are legitimate reviews by customers who have actually used a business service—this helps to protect the honesty and integrity of the web based community as a whole.
And your information is safe with us—Moving Guardian will never share your information without your permission. Best of all, your membership is FREE—sign up today to find out how Moving Guardian serves your moving needs, helping to promote safe, savvy, scam-free residential and corporate relocation!