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Moving Guardian Offers Exclusive Certification & Benefits For “A” Rated Businesses

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Why You Should Join Moving Guardian

Moving Guardian is in the business of helping you grow your business, while making sure the public gets the service, quality and value they deserve. It is why Moving Guardian offers businesses two vital services that distinguish the best companies in the industry, while allowing them to attract and secure the business they deserve.
MG’s business services help companies attract and attain more business while solidifying their credentials and reputation to the 40 million Americans who move each year—the same Americans who visit Moving Guardian’s website every day for moving help, savings, and exclusive listings of the best companies in the industry; or to provide feedback, ratings and reviews on the businesses they’ve hired.

The First Step To Growing Your Business: MG Business Membership

The easiest and most basic way to edge out your industry competition is to join Moving Guardian’s Business Member Community (Basic Membership is free). When you join, you demonstrate to the web based community and to the millions of moving American’s, that your company stands for doing business the “American Way”—ethically, and with integrity, transparency, professionalism, and superior customer service. This is what consumers look for in a business, and what they want when planning their move.
When you join the MG Business Member Community, you receive the distinguished MG Business Member Shield, which links to your exclusive business profile listing page on MG’s Business Listing & Review Site. This distinction is visible to millions of moving Americans who can research your business, and later post feedback, ratings and reviews on the experience they’ve had with your business.

Attract & Attain More Business with the Premium Business Membership Advantage

When you choose Premium Membership for your business , you distinguish your company from the competition, and attain more business with the advantages Premium Membership offers; your company gains the ability to respond to customer reviews, as well as the opportunity to offer special coupons, discounts, and offers. You demonstrate to consumers that you value their business, and in turn you secure it.
Additionally, as a Moving Guardian Premium Business Member, you achieve a level of nationwide exposure that significantly boosts and enhances your company’s marketing efforts. With MG, your business is prominently displayed to the millions of Americans who are looking for a company just like yours.
When you sign up for Premium Business Membership, you let Moving Guardian do the hard work for you—that means you get to focus on continuing to provide great service to your growing customer base.
Select the Package BASIC MEMBERSHIP
List your company contact information, allow- ing Moving Guardian website visitors to easily find, contact and hire your company
Display your company profile information, introducing your services and reputation to potential customers (up to 250 characters)
Show your commitment to integrity and service by highlighting your company’s Better Business Bureau ratings (if applicable)
Receive reviews and testimonials from customers who used your services. These reviews provide powerful word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations for your company
Market your company and it’s positive reviews and testimonials on several social media platforms when our web community shares their reviews of your company on Facebook, Twitter and Bing
Comment and respond to feedback and reviews posted about your company, allowing you to better manage your client relationships and your company’s reputation
Prominently display your company contact information including logo, website and location so that customers in your area can find you easily
Attract more business and ensure customer loyalty and savings by offering coupon codes for students, seniors and members of the Armed Forces
Boost your standing on industry review sites such as the American Moving Association for Consumer Protection and other consumer advocacy sites
Flag reviews you suspect are fraudulent—we'll take care of the investigation so you maintain your positive corporate image
Expand your company profile and explanation of your services to up to 350 characters—let your future customers get to know you!
Manage and respond to your reviews—you’ll receive a convenient email notification every time a review is posted about your company and can message users to resolve any conflicts or issues
View contract reference numbers associated with customer reviews of your company or services
Receive a premium member icon indicating to your customers that your company is serious about monitoring reviews and feedback to resolve any outstanding issues or disputes.

Here Are Just a Few of the Advantages of Joining the Moving Guardian Business Community:

  • Proudly display the renowned MG Business Member Seal on your website and marketing materials—a symbol of quality and trust within the industry that shows customers your distinguished credentials.
  • Listing on the MG Business Listing and Reviews Site. Savvy consumers make this their go-to directory for finding the companies they know they can trust for their next move. Business Membership ensures your company is featured prominently. Receive an expanded business profile listing as well as many other additional benefits when you join as a Premium Business Member.
  • Increased nationwide exposure—thousands of Americans preparing to move visit the Moving Guardian site each day looking for honest, professional and reliable companies in the industry. When you become a member, you make sure it’s your company they find and hire.
  • The ability to receive valuable feedback and reviews from satisfied customers. As you know, there is no better lead than a satisfied customer’s positive word-of-mouth referral. Premium Business Members can even respond to feedback, ratings and reviews, further enhancing the customer experience.
  • The opportunity to offer special discounts and promotions that attract valuable business and build customer loyalty (Premium Business Members only). Customers are always looking for the business listings that offer the best deals and save them money!
What are you waiting for? Business Membership is attractive, practical and smart. In just moments you can set up your profile and begin marketing your company to millions of moving Americans who are looking for the right business to hire—a business just like yours.

But that’s not all…Moving Guardian offers substantially more.

Moving Guardian Premier Business Service: MG Business Certification

If your business has what it takes, Moving Guardian Business Certification is a no brainer. MG Certification is the industry’s most respected and trusted seal of excellence a business can attain. It not only says that your business is the crème de la crème, and the best of the best, but it is also a specially tailored for companies who are ready to take their business to the next level.
When you become certified with Moving Guardian, you show the millions of moving Americans, the quality that characterizes your company—such as your “A” Rating with the Better Business Bureau and the
Additionally, as an MG certified business, your company is prominently listed on our Exclusive MG Certified Business Directory, which displays; your company’s history of service and integrity, along with ratings and testimonials from satisfied customers, to those searching for a reputable business to service the needs of their upcoming move.

There’s nothing more important to the consumer than your company’s reputation.

Moving Guardian certification displays it for the world to see.

Moving Guardian Certification highlights and promotes your business for its integrity, transparency, professionalism, value, and exceptional customer service, while distinguishing it from the abundance of average companies that saturate the market, not to mention the rogue and unlicensed operators competing for the customers you deserve.
As an experienced professional within the industry, you already know that the market is flooded with many disreputable and shady service providers that will stop at nothing in trying to attain the bulk of the market share of the industry. Moving Guardian Certification is designed to help the cream of the crop, the best of the best, stand out in the industry and win the business they deserve.
The highest-rated businesses are now able to demonstrate, on a nationwide level, the kind of ethics and principles that define their business. And what’s more, customers gain the peace of mind knowing they’re hiring a company they can trust with their most valued possessions.

Here’s What Moving Guardian Certification Does for Your Business:

  • Allows millions of moving Americans to view your “A” Rating Status with Moving Guardian, and the BBB. You also display your company's operating history and ratings—all things that consumers look for when selecting a moving service provider.
  • Introduces your company to our vibrant web-based community, inviting customer feedback, ratings and reviews, and valuable word-of-mouth referrals. Your involvement with the web-based community shows your absolute commitment to exceeding consumer expectations.
  • Gives you the backing of the most trusted and respected industry professionals who understand the quality, professionalism, service, and value consumers look for when hiring a business. Moving Guardian Certification shows you’ve been thoroughly vetted and approved.
  • Puts your company before the 40 million Americans who move annually. Increased exposure and enhanced credentials means more business and higher revenue—almost overnight.
  • Shows you commitment to best practices in business. No more competing with shady businesses or dishonest, unlicensed operators. You integrity and professionalism (MG Business Certification) is your edge, giving consumers the confidence they want when choosing a moving service provider.
  • Helps you resolve customer service related issues and complaints efficiently. Moving Guardian is committed to helping both parties, reach a timely resolution to all disputes. An independent arbitrator helps achieve mutual satisfaction in the event of conflict.

Certification with Moving Guardian is the Most Respected & Trusted Credential that Guarantees Your Success. Apply for your Business Certification Today!